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Boosting compressor station

ENSOLUT GROUP carried out the development of sketch designs for the equipment of the installation of hydrogen sulfide removal from fuel gas using zeolites for technological compressors.

Maximal capacity of the installation – 5689,33-10958,7 st.m3/hour (adjusted to standard conditions: t=20 oС; Р= 0,1013МPа). The amount of gas supplied to the installation: 7111,66-13698,38 st.m3/hour.

Composition of the equipment:

  1. Adsorber А801 А802 А803 (overall dimensions: 7240mmх1200mm, weight: 50000kg);
  2. Separator (slug catcher) С101 С102 (9000х1800, 12000kg);
  3. Input separator С101 С201 (overall dimensions: 6000mmх1000mm, weight: 3870kg);
  4. Intermediate separator С102 С202 (overall dimensions: 6000mmх3000х3000mm, weight: 7830kg);
  5. Final separator С103 С203 (overall dimensions: 6000mmх3000х3000mm, weight: 7900kg);
  6. Flare separator С601 (overall dimensions: 6100mmх1200, weight: 3400kg);
  7. Reduction block BRG602 (overall dimensions: 4000mmх3000х3000, weight: 1200kg);
  8. Intermediate gas air cooler (overall dimensions: 12386mmх4993х4920, weight: 11250kg).

Development of a sketch design for an electrically driven gas compressor unit (EGCU).
Overall dimensions: 22610mmх16380х10875mm, Weight: 180000kg).
Capacity: 136,76 nm3/min.
Initial absolute pressure: 1,2 МPа.
Final absolute pressure: 4,95 МPа.
Pressure ratio: 4,125.
Compressor rotor speed: 8919 rpm.
Drive power: 8,0 MW.