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Vent stacks

Gas vent stacks are designed to discharge into the atmosphere and disperse light gases that are released from gas-filled equipment to ensure safety. Light gases have a density less than 80% of air density and, therefore, they disperse in the atmosphere without the necessity for additional devices, for example, under the influence of wind.

Gas vent stacks can be installed in a variety of ways, including the use of stringers, self-supporting structures, and metal trusses. They can also operate at various inlet pressure levels, low (up to 0.1 MPa), medium (up to 1.6 MPa) and high (up to 25 MPa). 

In some cases, gas vent stacks can be equipped with flame arrestors to provide additional safety. The package and design of the vent stacks may vary depending on their size, height and may contain additional components, i.e. closing flare tip, lightning arresters, barrier lights, floodlights, service platforms and ladders.

ENSOLUT GROUP renders the following services:

  • Design documentation development according to the current regulatory requirements. We focus on design documents development meeting high standards of quality and safety, ensuring reliability and efficiency of the equipment operation.
  • Performing strength analysis and process design assisting to optimize the design and ensure its efficiency, reliability and safety. We use sophisticated software and techniques for accurate calculations, which allows to reduce risks and to improve equipment performance. 
  • Customized solutions: We develop tailored and customized solutions taking into account unique needs of your project.
  • Performing the on-site supervision, manufacture and installation follow-up, consulting and training of personnel to ensure efficient operation of equipment.