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Tanks and vessels

Capacitive equipment is dedicated devices – vessels, tanks, designed for storage, transportation or processing of various substances, both liquid and gaseous. This equipment is used in various industries such as chemical, oil and gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry and others.

Types of the tanks and vessels:

  • – Underground drain drums;
  • – Underground drain drums with heater;
  • – Horizontal all-welded dish end vessels;
  • – Vertical dish end vessels with cover;
  • – Horizontal vessels for liquefied butane;
  • – Horizontal cylinder vessels for liquefied propane;
  • – Underground tanks to store propane-butane;
  • – Vertical vessels with mixers.

Vertical steel vessels are welded cylindrical vessel with certain internal diameter and wall height, which are typical for such tank size. The vessels are designed according to GOST or API standards, taking into account vertical steel vessels arrangement rules.

The vessels are designed to store oil and oil products with up to 1015 kg/m3 and other fluids under atmospheric pressure. The vessel is installed with its flat bottom on a concrete pad at operation site. Tank roof is of dome shape and is assembled with the boards.

The vessel includes a marching stairs or a ladder, as well as service platforms designed for equipment maintenance. 

ENSOLUT GROUP has wide experience in tank (5 m3 through 200 m3 capacity) and vessel (100 m3 through 20,000 m3) design and offers the following services:

  • Design documentation development according to DSTU (national) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards. We specialize in design documentation development that meets high quality and safety standards, ensuring equipment operation reliability and efficiency.
  • Performance of strength analysis and process design that provide for structures optimization and reliability ensuring. We use modern software and methods for accurate calculations, which allows reducing risks and improving equipment performance.
  • Customer tailored solutions. We will develop individual and tailored solutions, taking into consideration the unique requirements of your specific project.