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Air cooler

Air cooling devices can have various configurations depending on the operating conditions. There are two main types: with recirculation chambers and without them.

Air cooling devices with recirculation chambers include as follows:

  • Air cooling device section: This section consists of bimetallic finned tubes connecting the chambers. They can have various numbers of pipe taws and passages depending on the needs.
  • Fans module: It may contain diffusers and fans located on metal structures.  
  • Protective louver shutters: Depending on operation conditions air cooling devices with recirculation chambers can be equipped with protective louver shutters.
  • Recirculation chamber.

Air cooling devices without recirculation chambers include as follows 

  • Air cooling device section: It also includes finned tubes however without recirculation chambers.
  • Fans module: In this case tt may contain diffusers and fans  however without metal structures.
  • Protective louver shutters: Depending on the needs air cooling devices without recirculation chambers can also be equipped with protective louver shutters. 

Recirculation chambers are special frame with metal shields on the side walls, and the upper part is closed with adjustable shutters. These chambers make it possible to regulate cooling air temperature in the cold season to prevent frost or ice formation on the tubes of sections.

Air cooling device can be equipped with additional components, such as product inlet and outlet collectors, service platforms, and others, depending on the customer’s requirements.

This equipment can be installed in an open area and operate in the wide range of climatic conditions.

ENSOLUT GROUP offers the following services:

  • Design documentation development according to the current regulatory requirements. We focus on design documents development meeting high standards of quality and safety, ensuring reliability and efficiency of the equipment operation.
  • Performing strength analysis and process design assisting to optimize the design and ensure its efficiency, reliability and safety. We use sophisticated software and techniques for accurate calculations, which allows to reduce risks and to improve equipment performance. 
  • Customized solutions: We develop tailored and customized solutions taking into account unique needs of your project.