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Deaerators are dedicated devices used in power and industrial plants to remove dissolved oxygen and other incompressible gases from feed water and steam. The main purpose of deaerators is to prevent corrosion and increase the efficiency of boilers and steam generators by reducing the oxygen content in the feed water.

Operating principle:

Deaerators operates on thermal discharge principle. Water containing dissolved oxygen and other gases enters the upper portion of deaerator, where it is sprayed and heated. The heated water then descends through a system of compartments and screen plates, where physical removal of gases takes place. Completing its journey, deaerated water is collected in the lower portion of deaerator and then sent to boilers or steam generators.

Essential characteristics:

Deaerators vary in performance depending on process needs and can be classified by capacity and oxygen removal efficiency. Deaerators can also be single-stage or multi-stage, depending on the required level of gas removal.


Deaerators are widely used in power plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, as well as in industrial processes where it is necessary to ensure high cleanliness and efficiency of boilers and steam generators. These devices play an important role in maintaining the reliable and safe operation of steam systems.

ENSOLUT GROUP offers the following services:

  • Design documentation development: We focus on design documents development meeting the requirements of norms and standards, ensuring reliability and safety of the equipment.
  • Strength analysis and process design: We provide for calculations to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the equipment, taking into consideration operating conditions.
  • Customized solutions: We develop tailored and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of customers and processes, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and economic benefit. Our engineers and designers will work in close contact with you to create the best solution.