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Modular gas engine power plants  

Modular gas engine power plants are compact and efficient power plants that can be used to generate electricity on sites in need of it. They are used at commercial manufacturing facilities, industrial and municipal facilities, for deposits and renewable energy systems’ sites.

ENSOLUT GROUP has pool of experience in power generation plants design with a power range 300 kW through 10 MW.

Basic features and advantages of such power plants:

Modular type: The power plant is compact module containing all the required components, including highly prefabricated gas reciprocating engines, generators, monitoring and control systems. This provides convenience, speed of installation and allows to save space on the construction site.

Power and efficiency: Gas reciprocating engines have high efficiency of fuel to electricity conversion making modular type power plants efficient and efficient.

Flexibility in fuels: These power plants can run on a variety of fuels, including natural gas, biogas, methane, propane, etc., making them versatile and adaptable to various power generation and environmental requirements.

Reliability: Gas reciprocating engines are featured by high reliability and a long service life, which ensures stable operation of the power plant for many years.

Monitoring and control: Sophisticated monitoring and control systems make it possible to effectively control power plant operation, monitor parameters and ensure operational safety.

Environmental efficiency: Natural gas and other clean fuels use reduces harmful substances emissions to the atmosphere making gas engine power plants environmentally friendly.

Mobility: Certain models of modular power plants can be mobile and used in remote and hard-to-reach places.

Integration into the network: Modular type power plants can be integrated into power grids and work in parallel with other energy sources, ensuring reliable power supply.