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Evaporation is non-volatile substances’ solution concentration process by partial evaporation of the solvent during boiling of the liquid, that is, under conditions when vapour pressure above the solution is equal to the pressure in the operating volume of the apparatus. Evaporation is used to concentrate solutions in the production of sugar, mineral fertilizers, alcohol, feed yeast, as well as during aqueous solutions of alkaline salts (NaCl, NH4NO3, Na2S04) concentration, for the regeneration of various solutions to return them to the process cycle, thermal disposal of industrial effluents etc.

Solutions evaporation process can be carried out in single-stage as well as in two-, three- and multi-stage evaporation units using the secondary steam of each stage in the following stages with a lower pressure or with part of certain stage secondary steam transfer  to other heat consumers.

In general, vaporiser includes the following major components: evaporators with tubular (internal) or jacket (external) steam heaters, with tubular electric heaters (TEN) or with immersion burners for contact transfer of heat directly from gases to the solution; separators and spray traps , condensate drains, solution heaters, condensers, collection tanks and containers, pumps, shut-off and safety valves, controls and automation.

ENSOLUT GROUP offers the following services with respect to vaporizers:

  • Design documentation development: We focus on design documents development meeting the requirements of GOST and ASME standards, ensuring reliability and safety.
  • Strength analysis and process design: We provide for calculations to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of vaporizers, taking into consideration operating conditions.
  • Customized solutions: We develop tailored and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of customers and processes, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and economic benefit. Our engineers and designers will work in close contact with you to create the best solution.