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Mass transfer equipment 

Towers (vertical vessels) are designed for heat and mass transfer processes: rectification, adsorption, absorption in various industries.

Our group of companies-partners develops the entire range of towers provided for by the current regulatory framework.

Towers are manufactured to work under vacuum (with a residual pressure of not less than

  • 665 Pa (5 mm Hg), at atmospheric pressure and at pressure higher than atmospheric, up to 16 MPa
  • 2 (160 kgf/cm2) at the working environment temperature up to 350°С.

Depending on the rated capacity and process, the towers can be Ø600 mm through Ø4000 mm. They are completed with strainer, valve, cap, strainer-valve, drop plates or various types of regular and irregular nozzles.

ENSOLUT GROUP offers the following services:

  • Design documentation development for mass transfer equipment according to the current regulatory requirements. We focus on design documents development meeting high standards of quality and safety, ensuring reliability and efficiency of the equipment operation.
  • Performing strength analysis and process design assisting to optimize the design and ensure its efficiency, reliability and safety. We use sophisticated software and techniques for accurate calculations, which allows to reduce risks and to improve equipment performance. 
  • Customized solutions: We develop tailored and customized solutions taking into account unique needs of your project.