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Separation equipment

Separators are special-purpose equipment designed to remove solid and liquid particles from the gas flow, gas flow segregation and light and heavy liquid phase separation, and liquid breakaway inflow capture.

Operation principle: separators operate  based on various physical principles, such as sedimentation, centrifugal separation, filtration and coagulation.

Separation equipment types:

  • gas and oil separators;
  • gas separators;
  • flare knock-out drums;
  • three-phase separators;
  • separators and slug catchers;
  • filter separators

Mesh and cyclone elements (counter-flow and direct-flow), string droplet deflectors have become widely used as separation devices.

ENSOLUT GROUP offers the following services in gas separator field:

  • Design documentation development: We are focused on design documents development taking into account norms and standards, ensuring separators reliability and safety.
  • Strength analysis and process design: We carry out computations and analysis to ensure reliable and efficient operation of separators, taking into account operating conditions.
  • Customized solutions: We develop tailored and customized solutions meeting the unique requirements of customers and processes.

Gas separators applications:

Oil and gas industry: Separators are used to separate oil, natural gas and water, as well as to remove solid particles and salts from oil and gas streams.

Power engineering: Separators can be used in power plants to clean gas mixtures prior to combustion or to remove combustion products.

Chemical industry: Gas separators are used to purify and separate chemical reagents and products of chemical reactions.