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Heat exchange equipment 

Heat exchange equipment is dedicated devices designed to transfer heat between two media or to cool/heat liquids and gases in various processes and systems. The most common type of heat exchangers are shell-and-tube heat exchangers, in which heat exchange surface between the two streams is formed by tubes enclosed in a jacket, and heat exchange is carried out through the surface of these tubes.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers play an important role in various industries such as power engineering, oil and gas industry, chemical industry and others.

The main types of shell-and-tube heat exchangers are as follows:

  • with fixed tube sheets
  • with temperature compensator on the jacket
  • with a floating head
  • with U-shaped tubes
  • evaporators with steam space

ENSOLUT GROUP offers the following services with respect to heat exchange equipment:

  • Design documentation development: We specialize in design documents development meeting the requirements of DSTU and TEMA norms and standards, ensuring heat exchangers reliability and safety.
  • Strength analysis and process design: We provide for calculations to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of heat exchangers, taking into consideration operating conditions.
  • Customized solutions: We develop tailored and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of customers and processes, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and economic benefit. Our engineers and designers will work in close contact with you to create the best solutions for heat exchange.

Heat exchange equipment application:

Power engineering: Heat exchangers are used in power plants to cool down steam and condensate steam-gas media.

Oil and gas industry: Heat exchangers are used to cool oil and gas, as well as to condense steam and to heat liquids in production and processing.

Chemical industry: Heat exchangers are used for chemical reagents and chemical process products cooling and heating.

General purpose industry: Heat exchange equipment is used in various branches of industry to maintain optimal thermal modes and ensure efficient heat exchange.