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Gas station and fuel storage warehouse (oiltank farm)

ENSOLUT GROUP developed detailed design for gas station and fuel storage warehouse, where light petroleum products (A-80 gasoline, diesel fuel) are received from tank trucks, stored in underground double-walled horizontal steel tanks and supplied to filling stations with subsequent loading into vehicles.

For oil products storage at the filling station tank farm consisting of 5 double-walled tanks of RGSp type is made with a total capacity of 220 m3, including one tank for gasoline storage – 20 m3, three tanks for diesel fuel storage of total capacity 150 m3, and an emergency tank for light oil products at the emergency pumping – 50 m3.

4 fuel-filling columns are provided for vehicles fueling: 3 pcs. – 2-sleeve, for diesel fuel; 1 pc. – 1-sleeve, for А-80 gasoline.

For oil products storage at the oil tank farm a tank farm of 12 steel tanks (5 pcs. – of RVC-400 type and 7 pcs. – of RGCn-100 type), with a total capacity of 2700 m3 is used, including for А-80 gasoline storage – 100 m3 , for diesel fuel storage – 1600 m3, for commercial oils storage – 500 m3 (100 m3 for each type), for used oils storage – 100 m3 and for oil product storage in case of emergency pumping – 400 m3.

Gas station composition:

  • Filling station.
  • Steel tanks.
  • Filling spots with dispensers.
  • Filling station operator room.
  • Transformer substation.
  • Area for fuel discharge from a tank truck into tanks.
  • Fire-fighting water supply tanks.
  • Buried fire-fighting pump house.
  • Sewerage and pump station (SPS).
  • Local treatment facilities (LTF).
  • SCP building with a shed and an earth-and-timber emplacement.
  • Fuel warehouse.
  • Tank farm (12 above ground steel tanks). Tank farm total capacity – 2700 m3. Total useful tank farm capacity – 2300 m3.
  • Railway overpass for light petroleum products and oils discharge with bottom discharge devices (discharge front – 6 railway tanks).
  • Railway overpass for used oils filling (filling front – 1 railway tank).
  • Vehicle overpass for light petroleum products and oils filling (3 two-sided installations).
  • Vehicle overpass for used oils discharge (discharge front – 1 tank truck).
  • Outdoor pump station of oils and light petroleum products.
  • Production administrative and service building.
  • Drainage capacity.
  • Vehicle scales under the shed.
  • Railway scales.
  • SCP building.