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Gas industry

ENSOLUT GROUP has profound experience in gas industry facilities design, including the following types of works and facilities:

1. Gas processing plants (GPP) using the following techniques:

  • low-temperature separation (LTS) using choke manifold;
  • low-temperature separation (LTS) using expander-packaged compressor;
  • low-temperature separation (LTS) using triple flow vortex tubes;
  • low-temperature separation (LTS) using 3-S separators;
  • low-temperature condensation (LTC) using refrigeration units;
  • absorbtion gas dehydration;
  • adsorbtion gas dehydration.

2. Gas purification plants (GPP) from acidic components using method of absorption with amine solutions, purification of acidic water, Claus technology, sulfur crystallization.

3. Gas refining plants (GRP) composed of:

  • gas fractioning and wide-hydrocarbon fraction plant;
  • unstable gas condensate stabilization unit;
  • raw material storages;
  • commodity stock warehouses.

4. Booster and line compressor stations using all types of compressors  (centrifugal, piston, screw, etc.) and drives (gas turbine, gas piston, electric).

5. Gas cooling plants.

6. Main pipelines.

7. Gas well cluster sites.

8. Gas collecting pipes from gas well cluster sites to gas treatment units.

9. Off-sites of gas processing plants, gas purification plants, GPP, booster compressor stations, line compressor stations:

  • slug catcher;
  • gas purification unit and salts removal from hydrocarbon condensate plant;
  • product metering units (process and commercial);
  • fuel gas treatment plant;
  • storage facilities for inhibitors and chemical reagents;
  • hydrate formation inhibitors blow off units;
  • inhibitor regeneration units;
  • flare system;
  • process effluents thermal disposal plant;
  • heat transfer medium heating and circulation units;
  • cooling water circulating units;
  • air separation plants with air dehydration and nitrogen production plants;
  • drainage and emergency systems;
  • emergency power supply units utilizing diesel power plants;
  • intermediate storages and commercial commodity warehouses;
  • pumping stations;
  • commercial commodity loading and unloading systems;
  • gas fired plants;
  • mineral oil facilities;
  • potable, industrial, boiler, demineralized water purification and treatment plants;
  • boiler water treatment and deaeration plants and condensate water purification;
  • steam generation units;
  • industrial and domestic sewage treatment package;
  • water firefighting of industrial facilities;
  • gas firefighting stations.

We have extensive experience in this area and we will provide you with effective and reliable solutions for your projects in gas industry.