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Oil refining and petrochemical industry

ENSOLUT GROUP has considerable experience and expertise in the design of various facilities for oil refining and petrochemical industry, including as follows:

  • Crude oil distillation plants (ELOU-AVT).
  • Gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, vacuum gasoil hydro-treatment unit.
  • Gasoline isomerization unit.
  • Hydrogen production (steam reforming) unit.
  • Catalitic reforming unit.
  • Amine treatment,  acidic effluents evaporation, sulfur production (Super Claus and similar) units. 
  • Delayed coker.
  • Paving and construction bitumen production unit.
  • Offsites: sewage treatment plants, boiler houses, gas distributing plants, operator rooms, controller rooms, laboratories, tank batteries, reagents warehouses and finished products, isothermal storages, MCC, SCА (hydrogen, nitrogen), petroleum products pumping in and out units (railways, cars, including highly viscous products), flare systems, air compressors, etc.
  • Oil depots: tank batteries; petroleum products pumping in and out units (railways, vehicles); oil product metering units.
  • Vapor recovery units;
  • Pump houses;
  • Kerosene ultrafine filtration and drying plants for airport needs and other auxiliary facilities.

ENSOLUT GROUP will provide you with integrated engineering solutions for your project in oil refining and petrochemical industry.