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Oil refinery

ENSOLUT GROUP completed the development of the detailed documentation for the oil refinery facility under design, namely

  • Waterblock No.1 and No.1А, including interplant service lines.
  • New flare installation, including a new flare manifold.
  • GDS, including a natural gas manifold for units 100-300-400 and a new boiler house.
  • Air compression and storage unit with test station.
  • Interplant service lines (including electrical networks) for modernization facility.
  • New central plant laboratory.
  • Reconstruction of installation G-24.
  • Reconstruction of waterblock No.2.
  • Reconstruction of Crude & Gascondensate distillation units – (CDU-2,3).
  • Reconstruction of hydrofinishing  G-24.
  • Reconstruction of local condensation station (LCS-1,2,3).
  • Reconstruction of catalytic reforming unit (LCH-35-11/600)
  • Design of a new isomerization plant.